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Opening Ceremony of Sino-American Photography Exhibition held at PKU

2016-12-16 10:00:03

On December 15, 2016, the opening ceremony of a photography exhibition with the theme of “Path to Harmony: The United States and China, 1784-1979” was held at the fourth floor public space of the Teaching Building No. 2 (Lee Shau Kee Building) at Peking University (PKU). PKU Vice President Li Yansong and Minister Counselor for Public Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing Ms. Lisa Heller were in attendance. In his speech, Vice President Li mentioned the importance of communication on the academic level between PKU and American universities. He stressed that educational communication strengthens ties between two countries. Ms. Heller stated that the exhibition was an opportunity for PKU students to learn more about communications between China and the United States.
►Lisa Heller and Li Yansong giving their remarks
The photography exhibition features more than 120 images divided into six sections, namely: "First Encounters", "Official Contacts", "Sharing Knowledge", "Culture Perceptions", "Military Cooperation", and "Renewing Ties." This year’s exhibition seeks to highlight the way in which the United States and China have developed a stable bond based on national interest, trade, cultural exchanges, diplomacy, and on the concept of equality of nations. America’s entry into China essentially followed the route of other Western nations that preceded it, through trade. The exchange of diplomats, students, scholars, and military personnel further opened “win-win” avenues to both countries. Although there have been significant diversions along the way, the China-U.S. relationship today is one of the most consequential in the world, as it has the power to determine the shape of the twenty-first century. The bilateral relationship, which comprises two of the world’s largest economies, continues to grow, while acknowledging each other’s distinct identities. A strong and cooperative bond between the two nations benefits not only both countries, but the entire world. This poignant photographic exhibition offers numerous memorable moments throughout the history of the China-US relationship.
►Lisa Heller and Li Yansong viewing the exhibits
This exhibition was organized by Washington, D.C.-based Meridian International Center, with support from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, and will be on display through January 2017.
Author: Fu Fenju
Copy Editor: Dohun Na
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