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President of University of Manchester Visits Peking University

2017-06-12 22:52:00

On June 12, 2017, Nancy Rothwell, President of University of Manchester (UoM) met with Professor Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University (PKU) at Linhuxuan, PKU. Professor Kostya Novoselove, the Noble Laureate, Professor Kostya Novoselove, Dean of Biology, Medicine and Health as well as Professor Martin Schröder, the Vice President and Dean of Science and Engineering also attended the meeting. Furthermore, Professor Gao Song who is the Vice President of PKU, leaders from College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering: Professor Ma Yuguo as the school’s party secretary, Professor Zhang Jin and Professor Chen Xing who are vice deans of the college, Professor Liuzhong Fan and Miss also joined the visit.

At the beginning, President Lin gave a general picture about PKU to President Rothwell by introducing the main 6 faculties at PKU: engineering, social sciences, economics and management, liberal arts, medicine, and science. He emphasized that PKU has always been focusing on advanced research. An obvious increase is seen in terms of research papers published by students and faculties from PKU. Even though, PKU is still trying to help its students to better prepare for their future by adopting a more general-education model and encouraging inter-disciplinary studies.
In return, President Rothwell also briefly introduced UoM. She agreed with President Lin on the idea of cross-disciplinary learning. She suggested that a new perspective is in need to understand medicine and health issues from a socially scientific way. According to President Rothwell, UoM is very keen on developing its overseas programs in China, especially at PKU. Starting from international conferences and symposiums, joint-programs between these two world leading schools could extend to joint-PhD projects, 2+2 undergraduate programs, summer internships, even faculty exchange activities.

Furthermore, President Rothwell pointed out that an increasing number of British students are interested in learning Mandarin and Chinese culture now. in UoM, there is a University College, virtual but with its own director, allow students to get credits by taking courses out of their departments. Mandarin is always a popular one.
Both sides agree that many more opportunities could be discovered and taken for future cooperation. Apart from university collaboration, two schools can also involve industries and local governments into research programs, creating a synergy effect on our society.

At the end of the meeting, two presidents exchanged their gifts and extended their sincere wishes for each other. It is expected that two schools could design and launch their cooperation projects at a fast speed.
Author: Kuang Huolingxiao