Vice President of Brown University Visits PKU

News Center @ OIR.PKU 2011年05月11日

Professor Matthew Gutmann, Vice President for International Affairs of Brown University, visited Peking University with Doctor Jianwu Tang on the morning of May 9th, 2011. Professor Wu Zhipan, Executive Vice President of Peking University, accompanied by Professor Hu Jianxin, Secretary of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Professor Shao Min, Associate Dean of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Mr. Yan Jun, Vice Director of the Office of International Relations, warmly received them at Linhu Xuan.

Professor Gutmann briefly introduced Brown University and their scientific achievements regarding environmental and climate research. He further discussed their devotion to enhancing international communication, and introduced Brown University’s program focus on global environmental affairs for young faculty. He expressed willingness to accept more faculties from Peking University into their program. Professor Shao Min introduced their work on environmental pollution and global climate change. They mentioned their previous communication and exchange program with Brown University, and expressed their hope to establish a closer and more efficient relationship with Brown University. They further discussed the role of scientists, policy makers, and legislators in dealing with the global environment and climate crisis.  

After that, Professor Gutmann and Executive Vice President Wu attended the ceremony to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two universities. Later, Doctor Tang also gave a lecture entitled Model and Measurement of Flux of Greenhouse Gas in Biological System under Climate Changes to students in the College of Environmental Science and Engineering

Written by Tien-tse Chu
Edited by Jeremy Goldstein and Gao Xiaojin

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