Recruitment Announcement

The Peking University Summer School International (PKUSSI) first opened its door in 2009. Since then, the number of students enrolled in the program grown significantly. Over the past sessions, hundreds of students from Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, the University of California, the Australian National University, the National University of Singapore, and other world universities have matriculated in PKU’s summer program.
Aiming to provide exceptional students an accessible and high-quality platform to understand China, we tap into PKU’s pool of brilliant faculty and its international network of experts in order to develop and offer a wide variety of rigorous and English-language courses, which include but are not limited to: the arts and humanities, economics and management, politics and sociology, global and regional studies, environmental studies and sustainability, and interdisciplinary fields.
PKU’s Summer School International welcomes distinguished faculty from all over the world to join our summer faculty family and to enjoy the teaching experience that this beautiful and energetic campus offers.

Requirements for Faculty

Currently an associate professor or above in a renown international institution
• Has experience with teaching a mixed international student body
• Fluent use of English as the language of instruction  

Bonus Package

1. Teaching Salary (before tax): 20,000RMB
2. Reimbursement for international travel: Direct flight between the university to Beijing (economy class) - up to 15,000RMB. Original invoice of the airfare is required for reimbursement.
3. Free accommodation in a single room in campus guesthouse for the duration of the course
4. A teaching assistant is provided
5. Printing of course materials is available at the university textbook center

Course Workload

A 2-credit PKU summer course is consisted of 30-32 class hours (1 class hour= 50 min), spanning for 4 weeks, or 2 weeks.

4-week course: Classes are arranged for three days a week, 2-3 class hours per day.
2-week course: Classes are arranged for five days a week, 3 class hours per day 

The regular size of class is around 30 students.
Assessment of student performance (exams or papers) are required, and the final grades should be given on a 100-scale.

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