Student ID

Your Student ID card is a very important document that acts as ID and grants you access to most campus facilities.

  • Visit Campus Libraries
  • - As a short-term student, you may only read books within the library.
  • - If you wish to borrow a book, you will need to pay a 500RMB deposit at the reception desk.
  • Eating in Canteens
  • Student ID also acts as a meal card, top up your card at ID Card Center and Center of Catering Service by cash. It is not recommended to top up too much cash in one go in case you lost your card. A meal in one of the campus canteens will usually cost 5-10 Yuan..
  • Security Check
  • You may need to show your Student ID upon entering the campus.

Most of academic buildings on campus offer Wi-Fi service (Public Wi-Fi connection: Wireless PKU).
Your internet account (login name) is your student ID number and the initial password is your date of birth (format: YYYYMMDD). Please change your password after you first login.

To get access to the internet, first visit the website first and login with PKU internet account.

Unfortunately Global Village does not provide WI-FI service. An ethernet cable can be used. If prefer using Wi-Fi, you can buy a router from the campus supermarket.

To get internet access via your mobile phone, you can download the IPGW client application. It is a PKU Internet connection tool. Once you have entered your login name and password, it will automatically connect your 'phone to the PKU server..


There are many eating options available on campus. PKU roughly has more than ten different dining halls and cafeterias, such as Xueyi学一, Xuewu学五, Nongyuan农园, Yannan燕南, Jiayuan家园, Songlin松林 etc. The location of each dining hall is clearly marked on the university map.

  • Opening hours:
  • Breakfast: 07:00-09:00AM
  • Lunch: 11:00AM-01:00PM
  • Dinner: 05:00-07:30PM
  • Global Village
  • Building 5: He Yuan Restaurant 和园
  • Building 4, 2nd floor: Convenience and fruit shops
  • Building 9: Café

You can also find many food options in nearby areas. You could go to Changchunyuan Food Street , near the Southwest gate; Wudaokou, 15 minutes walk from the East gate, or Zhongguancun, 10-15 minutes walk from the Southeast gate..

If there is a particular food you want to try in Beijing, you can also download a useful app called 大众点评 (Dazhong Dianping). It is similar to Yelp. You can enter your location and the app will help you find nearby restaurants, as well as reviews of each one.


There will be a telephone in your dorm. If someone would like to call you, tell them to dial 011-86-10-627-XXXXX (your dorm telephone number) or call your mobile 'phone on 011-86-(your number).

If you want to make an international call, you will need to buy an IP card from the campus supermarket, or use Skype to call your friends and families. Please do not make international calls using the local line in your dorm room, as the rates can be expensive.

SIM cards are sold in the convenience store on campus. There are three mobile networks in China: China Mobile (中国移动), China Unicom (中国联通) and China Telecom (中国电信) For 3G mobile data service, China Unicom is strongly recommended for WCMDA smartphones, and China Telecom is strongly recommended for CDMA2000 smartphones.Different networks offer different package deals. For detailed information, speak to the retailers.


Beijing is a huge city and getting around on foot is impossible. There are a number of ways to get around in Beijing. To avoid paying cash every time, it is recommended that you buy a transportation card (一卡通), which can be purchased at most large subway stations. You will need to pay a 20RMB deposit and a minimum top-up amount to purchase a card.


The most convenient and safest means of transport in Beijing is the subway. There are subway stations all over the city, including at most major attractions. The cost of the journey depends on how far you travel, with most journeys costing around 4-5RMB. From PKU you can take Line 4 from East Gate of Peking University Station (北大东门站).From the Wudaokou area, you can take Line 13 from Wudaokou Station (五道口站).


There are bus stops at all the gates of Peking University, and most bus journeys only cost 1-2RMB. Buses can be convenient, but most bus stops have no English translations.

  • Bus Stops near PKU
  • Southeast Gate: Zhongguanyuan Station 中关园站
  • East Gate: Zhongguanyuan North Station 中关园北站
  • West Gate: Beidaximen Station 北大西门站
  • Southwest side gate: Haidianqiao North Station海淀桥北站


Taxis are relatively expensive compared to other public transport. Most subway lines and bus routes stop service at around 10 or 11 o'clock in the evening, so if you are coming back after 11:00 PM, you will probably need to take a taxi.
The starting price of a taxi is 13RMB. If you travel more than 3km, you will have to pay an additional 2.3RMB per kilometre. The rate goes up to 3RMB per kilometre after 15km. Night-time rates are generally higher. If you take a taxi from the airport, you will also have to pay the airport expressway toll.
Always carry the address of the Global Village and the place to which you are going in Chinese and Pinyin (so you can pronounce it properly) and show it to the taxi driver before you get in. Make sure you ask for a receipt from the driver when you get out. It is the only way to get in touch with the driver if you leave something behind in the taxi.


International students can exchange money and open a saving/checking account in local banks. If you wish to open an account or exchange currency, you will need to show your passport to bank staff. Students can also deposit some foreign currencies (Pound Sterling,Hong Kong Dollar, American Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar) directly into the saving/checking account.

  • Banks that can be found on campus:
  • - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ( 中国工商银行), near the Post Office
  • - Agricultural Bank of China ( 中国农业银行) , near the Wumei Market
  • Banks that are located near Peking University:
  • - Bank of China (中国银行) , right outside the Southwest Gate
  • - Bank of Beijing ( 北京银行) , opposite Southwest Gate (across the street)
  • - China Construction Bank ( 中国建设银行) , a few minutes walk east of the South Gate

Day-to-day items can be found in the Wumei Market (物美), located in the basement of Building 45A.

For those living in the Global Village, the closest convenience store is located on the second floor of Building No. 4. If you want to shop in a bigger supermarket, you can go to Lotus or Chaoshifa in the Wudaokou area, or Carrefour in Zhongguancun Street.

Medical Care

International students must purchase medical and accident insurance for the duration of their study at PKU. Be sure to keep all receipts of any treatment received for insurance purposes.

The school clinic (in the northeast part of the campus) is open from 07:45-11:45 AM and 02:00-05:30PM. Students can use Student ID to obtain basic treatment.

There are also a number of international hospitals and clinics for foreigners in Beijing:

  • International S.O.S. 北京国际救援中心
  • Building C,BITIC Jing Yi Building, No.5 Sanlitun Xiwujie, Chaoyang District
  • 朝阳区三里屯西五街5号北信京谊大厦C座
  • Emergency 64629100, Appointments 64629112
  • Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics 北京和睦家医院
  • No.2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District
  • 朝阳区将台路2号
  • Emergency 64332345, Appointments 64333910/64333962
  • International Medical Center (Beijing) 北京国际急救医疗中心
  • Beijing Lufthansa Center Office Building S 106, S-111
  • 凯宾斯基饭店办公楼S106, S-111
  • Emergency and appointments 6465-1561/2/3, Dentistry 6465-1384
  • Sino Japaness Friendship Hospital 中日友好医院
  • Beijing Hepingli Beikou Yinghua East Road
  • 北京和平里北口樱花东路
  • Emergency 64222950/84205168, Foreigner section 64221122 exe.3412
Sport Facilities
  • PKU Gymnasium邱德拔体育馆
  • This gymnasium, located near the Southeast gate, is the most popular one on campus.The facility was the Olympic Table Tennis venue in 2008. It provides a number of sports facilities including swimming pools, basketball courts and yoga studios. If you are interested in purchasing membership, please visit the gym in person.
  • Website:
  • Kangmeile Fitness Center康美乐
  • Located on B1 floor of Computer Center
  • Tennis Court 网球场
  • Opposite to Shaoyuan Building No.7
  • Costs vary.
  • Facilities free of charge on campus:
  • May 4th Playground 五四运动场, near the third teaching building (running, basketball,football)
  • Gymnasium No.1 第一体育馆, east side of Weiming Lake (football)
  • Gymnasium No.2 第二体育馆, near the PKU Library (basketball)

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