The 2017 program offers two types of courses: subject courses and Chinese language courses. Applicants need to select courses when filling out the online application.

General Courses (Undergraduate Level)    Advanced Courses (Graduate Level)    Frontier Courses on Computer Science (Undergraduate & Graduate Level) 

General Courses (Undergraduate Level)

• 4-week courses (July 3-28)
Course Instructor Credit
Introduction to Chinese Economy QIN Xuezheng 2
Chinese Traditional Body Exercise, Diet and Health Preservation LU Fuquan 2
Modern Chinese Fiction through Film MA Naiqiang 2
China's Constitution and Political System DUAN Demin 2
Chinese Traditional Identity and its Transformation after 1949 SUN Feiyu 2
Women, Sport and Society in Modern China: Historic Perspectives DONG Jinxia 2
Chinese Folklore and Culture WANG Juan 2
Transition and Public Policy in China LI Yongjun 2
International Human Resource Management: West, East and the Emerging Markets YANG Nini 2
Silk Road: A History of Cultural an Material Exchages LU Yang 2
The Rise of China and Change in the World Politics  XU Xin 3
Understanding China: From Its Media, Communication and Culture GONG Wenxiang 2
Flower in the Mirror: the Chinese Values HAN Jinpeng 2
Understanding Chinese Foreign Policy ZHANG Qingmin 2
Classical Chinese Poetry MEI Shenyou 2
Arts of Chinese Traditional Performance ZHANG Xinya 2
• 2-week courses (July 3-14)
Course Instructor Credit
Philosophy and Politics in New China JIANG Hongsheng 2
Chinese Culture and Sino-Arab Exchanges Lin Fengmin 2
China – EU Trade Relations: Legal Principles, Institutions and Practices Linda Senden 2
• 2-week courses (July 17-28)
Course Instructor Credit
Asia-Pacific Security Marc LANTEIGNE 2
Introduction to the Political Economy of China ZHOU Qiang 2
China's Reform and the Global Economy CHEN Shaofeng  2
China,the US and Europe:Culture, Perceptions and Ideas Hans BERTENS 2
Understanding China, 1700-2000:A Data-Analytic Approach Chinese James Lee 2
Introduction to US-China Entrepreneur-ship and Venture Capital CHEN Dongmin & Andrew Lee &  ZHANG Qing 2
Language Courses (July 3-28)
Course Instructor Credit
Chinese Language   1.5

Advanced Courses (Graduate Level)  (July 3-14)

Course Instructor Credit
China and Asia-Pacific Regional Development CHEN Shaofeng 2
Chinese Politics and Public Policy LEI Shaohua 2
China in International Organizations LIU Lianlian 2
Understanding Frontier and Nation in Chinese History: A Sociological Approach TIAN Geng 2
Social Change and Social Problems in Contemporary China LIU Neng 2
Entrepreneurial Finance GAO Yan 2
Ecological Degradation and Restoration in China LIU Hongyan 2
Urban Studies In Contemporary China ZHU Shengjun 2
Remediation of Contaminated Environment LU Xiaoxia 2
Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship-the Practice in China LI Yongmei 2
City transformation and social wellbeing in China ZHAO Pengjun 2
Chinese Constitutional & Administrative Law YAN Tian 2
IR and its application in geosciences LIU Xi 2
Introduction to Cutting-edge Technologies in Spatial Computing  LI Mei & HUANG Zhou 2
UAV-based Remote Sensing Technologies and Applications SUN Min & Zhang Xianfeng 2
Introduction to space ZONG Qiugang 2
Venture Design CHEN Dongmin 2
Language Courses (July 3-14)
Course Instructor Credit
Business Chinese   1.5

Frontier Courses on Computer Science (Undergraduate & Graduate Level) (July 3-August 4):

Course Instructor Credit
Applied Algorithms Tami Tamir 2
40 Years Distributed System Research Hui Zhang 2
Logic and Verification Anthony W. Lin 2
Computer Graphics and Advanced Topics Bernhard Kainz 2
Picturing Quantum Processes Bob Coecke 2
Advanced Machine Learning: Online learning and Optimization Andras Gyorgy 2
Advanced Topics in Foundations of Databases Leonid Libkin 2
Compact Data Structures for Big Data Shigang Chen 2

2017 program offers an optional Chinese language course to students with beginner's level. Applicants can take this course according to their preference and time arrangement.

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