Dumplings, which are called ‘jiaozi’ in Chinese, are very popular during the Spring Festival and other festivals It tops the list of delicacies in northern China, where the people eat ‘jiaozi’ at midnight on New Year s Eve and for breakfast on New Year s Day

------ Making Your Own Dumplings!

TimePlacesFees23th, July (Saturday)Meet at Southeast Gate of PKU and go by subway Transport and diningwill be paid

------ Nan Luo Gu Xiang: Hutong Tour!

You’ll have a chance to see the performances of Chinese traditional arts for yourselves and learn them by doing them directly, which provides you a first-hand experience of Chinese traditional arts

------ Arts Night: Performance and Workshop!

TimePlacesFees7:00pm-10:00pm28th,July(Thursday)Plato Café(2nd floor, Building No 2, Lanqiying PKU-Tsinghua Teacher

------ Night of Mahjong!

Many more fun events will be available in the next sevral weeks, for more information please click on the photo

------ Important notice!



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