Nan Luo Gu Xiang: Hutong Tour!
Time Places Fees
23th, July (Saturday)
Meet at Southeast Gate of
PKU and go by subway
Transport  and dining
will be paid by students
、·Nan Luo Gu Xiang (South Luogu Lane)
South Luogu Lane is 786 meters long and 8 meters wide, connecting Gulou East Streetand Ping’anStreet. The lane is among one of the oldest Hutongs around and has a history of over 800 years. This near 800-meter long North-South alleyway is filled with bars, cafes, restaurants, artsy little shops, souvenir shops and cute boutiques. It's worth to spend an hour or two walking through the little alley ways and Hutongs around it.

·Old Beijing Flavor Grand Canal Terminals -Shi Cha Hai
The name of Shi Cha Hai comes from the fact that this area had 10 Baocha (Chinese AcientBuddhism Tower), therefore the name: “Ten” Cha Hai, with Ten in Chinese, Shi Cha Hai.

Here come prosperous cultural achievements in history. GUANHanqing, ZHAOMengfu, YUANHongdao,CAOYin, LIUYong, ZHANGZhidong, GUOMoruo, ZHANGBoju, are all famous people through dynasties who lived here for long time or active aound this area. ShiCha Hai area has also been the center of well-known cultural and political landmarks with radiationalextentiondirectly towards Tian’anmen Square.
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