Night of Mahjong!
Time Places Fees
Plato Café
(2nd floor, Building No. 2, Lanqiying PKU-Tsinghua Teachers Apartment Complex)
Free entry
25 RMB/person for Drinks.
*If you don’t know where the place is, a group of us will wait at the East Gate of PKU at 6:40pm to take people there.
Mahjong is a very popular 4-player game that originated in China. It is played by both the young and old, and it involves skill, strategy, calculation, as well as a certain degree of luck. Once you get the hang of it, it is a fun and enjoyable game, but be careful – it can be very addictive too! The rules of the game are simple, but they derive a lot.

We are holding a Mahjong party, where you can learn to play, and make more friends along the way!
Scan (in wechat) or go to the link to attend!

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