Chinese Culture and Sino-Arab Exchanges
Chinese Culture and Sino-Arab Exchanges
Principle Instructor: Prof. Lin Fengmin, Director of the Arabic Department, Peking University
Date: July 3-14, 2017
Tuition: 10000RMB*
*For up to 2 courses, including another course from PKUSSI general courses (undergraduate level)
Course Description:
This course gives an overview of Chinese culture and Sino-Arab exchanges to help foreign students better understand China’s historical tradition as well as its social, cultural and diplomatic development. It consists of ten lectures with various topics given by scholars and diplomats in Arabic. Students are required to participate in class interaction and complete the assigned homework or essay to take full advantage of the course in a short period of time.
(1) Ancient Chinese Culture
(2) Contemporary Chinese Culture
(3) Ancient Chinese Clothing Culture
(4) Peking Opera and Chinese Culture
(5) The Legislation Process in China; Chinese Ethics and Morality
(6) Language Policy in China and the Arabic-speaking World
(7) Classical Chinese Poetry and Chinese Culture
(8) Contemporary Sino-Arab Diplomatic Relationship
(9) China’s Middle East Policy
(10) Contemporary Sino-Arab Cultural Exchange
Faculty Members:
• H.E. Mr. Yang Fuchang (Former Deputy Foreign Minister of China)
• Prof. Zhong Jikun (Professor, Dintinguished Litterateur and Translator;Recipient of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for translation; Cultural Personality of Sheikh Zayed Book Award)
• Prof. Fu Zhiming (Deputy Dean of School of Foreign Language; Sultan Qaboos Chair and Qatar Chair)
• Prof. Lin Fengmin (Director of the Arabic Department)
Prof. Zhang Jiamin (Professor and Distinguished Translator)
• Associate Prof. Wu Bingbing (Expert on Middle East Studies)
• Assistant Prof. Lian Chaoqun (Expert on Language Policy Both in China and in the Arab World)
• Mr. Gai Weijing (Lecturer and Distinguished Translator)
(1)    The course will be taught in Arabic;
(2)    Students will be offered special opportunity for trips around Beijing on the weekend.
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