Introduction to US-China Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
 Introduction to US-China Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

This course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how startups and academic company spin-outs are created, funded, and managed, with the goal of helping students develop the skills needed to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.  The two-week session will be divided into lectures, guest speaker sessions with audience Q&A, and student team working sessions. Students with engineering, business, or medical backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
Core course topics will include company formation, fundraising, market deployment, IP protection, and differences between the US and China’s start-up ecosystems. An introduction to venture capital and early-stage investing will also be provided. Speakers will include current CEOs and former start-up founders who have sold their companies to large technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, and others. Partners of several major US-China venture funds will also present their experience working with early stage entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and Chinese technology hubs such as Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou/Shenzhen.
As part of this course, students will work in teams to design and pitch a new product concept to a panel of judges for live feedback. Students will submit a business plan along with their pitch, which will summarize the problem that their product aims to solve, a market analysis, competitive landscape, and growth strategy. By the end of the 2 week session, students should have a fundamental understanding of how to launch a start-up as well as the mechanisms by which venture funds raise money and deploy capital to support entrepreneurs.

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