More Credits. More Options.

Each student can choose courses up to 6 credits. PKUSSI 2023 offers 17 on-site courses and 3 online courses. In this context, applicants can choose only online courses or only on-site courses, or a combination of them (without time conflicts).

Academic courses with PKU credits are offered for undergraduates, graduates, and working professionals. A variety of course credits, subjects and durations are available to choose. Please note that different combinations are subject to different tuition fees.

Academic courses are 3 credits bearing (equaling 46-50 PKU credit hours) and 2 credits bearing (equaling 30-32 PKU credit hours). Please consult to your home institution in advance for credit transfer policy.

Session A: July 3-July 14  Session B: July 17-July 28  Session A&B: July 3-July 28

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