04/19 2018

You may not be that bothered about the idea of living in a smart city but I bet you'd love to live in one that was happy. The data to measure the happiness of a city is already all around us, in the tweets we send on an hourly basis to the profiles we share on Facebook. And increasingly that data is being captured and analysed to gauge the health and happiness of a nation. Take the Hedonometer project, which this year set out to map happiness levels in cities across the US using data from Twitter. Using 37 million geolocated tweets from more than 180,000 people in the US, the team from the Advanced Computing Centre at the University of Vermont rated words as either happy or sad. Join us at PKU and explore the endless possibilities of big data.

PKUSSI is offering four courses on big data. For more information, please visit:


1) Foundations of Big Data Systems Syllabus:

Professor: Tamer OZSU, University of Waterloo


2) Compact Data Structures for Big Data Syllabus:

Professor: CHEN Shigang, University of Florida


3) Data Management for Big Data Analytics Syllabus:

Professor: Leonid LIBKIN, University of Edinburgh


4) Computation, Economics and Data Science Syllabus:

Professor: CAI Yang, McGill University



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