Dear Friends,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to join the Peking University Summer School International (PKUSSI).

Since opening its door in 2009, PKUSSI has experienced burgeoning growth thanks to the dedication of PKU faculty and staff, as well as the participation of faculty and students from all over the world.

Aiming to provide international students with an accessible and high-quality platform to understand China, we tap into the brilliant pool of the university's faculty, and its international network of experts, to develop and offer a portfolio of courses that include the humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary studies.

In addition to creating an intensive academic environment, we hope to give you a dynamic social experience via city tours, cultural excursions, and a variety of extracurricular activities with PKU students.

Starting in 2020, PKUSSI has also offered online courses and activities, providing more options for students who cannot come to PKU campus to study.

I welcome you to join us this summer at the Peking University Summer School International. I am sure that your summer days here at PKUSSI will enrich your life, your studies, and even your future work.

Dr. Li Yun

Director, Office of International Relations

Peking University