Associate Professor, Peking University

PKUSSI Course:Introduction to Chinese Economy

Xi Ji is Associate Professor at Peking University, School of Economics, the Vice Director of Department of Development Economics. She holds a Ph.D. from Peking University. Her teaching and research fields are ecological economics, resources and environmental economics, urban economics, environmental accounting and policy. Her previous interest in urbanization, energy policy, environmental accounting and ecological modelling has resulted in over 30 papers in professional journals such as Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Energy Policy, Ecological Modelling, Journal of Cleaner Production. She now is writing extensively on ecological economics, and in particular on the paradigm and theoretical basis of ecological economics, the optimal scale of marco-economies, and steady state economics. As the Project Director, she leads several academic projects in China, such as the Natural Science Foundation of China, Research Project of Humanities and Social Sciences Funded by the Ministry of Education of PRC, the sub-project of Key Project of the National Social Science Fund and National Science and Technology Support Program.