WANG Dongmin

Associate Professor, Peking University

PKUSSI Course:Chinese Traditional Body Exercise, Diet and Health Preservation

Dr. WANG Dongmin is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Education, Peking University. She is also the Director of Chinese Martial Arts Research Center, Peking University and has been visiting scholar of George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Wang received Degree of Doctor of Laws from Peking University in 2015. She has won many awards, including 2012 Teaching Excellence Award of Peking University, Second Class Award in 2007 Youth Teachers Basic Teaching Skills Competition, 2007 Physical Education Academic Award of Peking University. And more recently, she was granted second prize in the 13rd PKU Outstanding Achievements Awards for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2017. She has opened many courses for undergraduate students, including safety education and self-defense, Taiji Quan, Fencing, sports and health promotion, etc. Her research interests focus on physical education, population, environment and health as well as exercise prescription and chronic disease management. She has published one book, over 20 papers and participated in editing 4 other books. Professor Wang has presided over 5 province-level projects and 5 crosswise projects.