Updates on PKU Summer School International 2022

Online and On-site Courses

12/22 2021

Dear candidates,

To give applicant more options, Peking University Summer School International 2022 will offer both online and on-site courses. Applicants can choose their preferred courses as long as they comply with the requirements of PKUSSI 2022. The feedback from our online and on-site courses from students and faculty was overwhelmingly positive, and we are committed to providing better quality courses and more varied activities to welcome you to join us.

PKUSSI 2022 will be open for online application on December 23, 2021, you could apply for our courses by visiting our official application channel: www.studyatpku.com. Each student can choose courses up to 6 credits. In this context, applicants can take all online courses, all on-site courses, or choose one online and one on-site course (without time conflicts). Please note that different combinations are subject to different tuition fees. On-site courses are only eligible for applicants who are from low-risk areas in China or have finished quarantine procedures after arriving in China from overseas before July 4, 2022, and accommodation is available only to those students who choose on-site courses.

Please check our official website for more information. Should you have any questions, please contact us at summerpku@pku.edu.cn.

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