PKUSSI When Information Meets…

04/19 2018

PKUSSI is offering nine courses in the “When Information Meets…” series. For more information, please visit:




Health Science

1) Biometric Authentication: System and Application Syllabus:

Professor: ZHANG Dapeng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


2) Health Informatics - Big Data Approach Syllabus:

Professor: ZHANG Yanchun, Victoria University (Australia)


3) Becoming a Medtech Entrepreneur – What is Biodesign Syllabus:

Professor: Robert CHANG, Stanford University



4) Economics and Computation Syllabus:

Professor: XIA Lirong, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


5) Computational Game Theory Syllabus:

Professor: Dan GARCIA, University of California, Berkeley


6) Computation, Economics and Data Science Syllabus:

Professor: CAI Yang, McGill University


Social Sciences

7) Computational Social Science Syllabus:

Professor: ZHU Jianhua, City University of Hong Kong


8) Computer Ethics Syllabus:

Professor: Stephen COOPER, University of Nebraska–Lincoln



9) Design Informatics Syllabus:

Professor: Maria Wolters, University of Edinburgh


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