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Peking University (PKU) is located in the Haidian District of Beijing, south of the Yuan Ming Gardens and east of the Summer Palace. PKU’s main campus, known as "Yan Yuan", used to be the campus of the former Yenching University. In 1952, Yenching University merged into Peking University, and PKU moved from downtown Beijing to the Yan Yuan location.



Peking University is a comprehensive national key university, consisting of fifty schools. At present, Peking University has more than 200 institutes and research centers, including twelve national key laboratories, two national engineering research centers, one national engineering laboratory, and 61 institutes and laboratories at the provincial level or the ministry level. Today, more than 8,638 faculty members (including the administrative staff) instruct approximately 30,994 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. As an outstanding center for teaching and research, PKU is commonly considered as one of the nation’s highest institutions of learning.

Peking University strives to become a world-class leader in education and research. To realize this vision, PKU has

- Worked to consistently optimize the structure of university disciplines
- Emphasized the vitality of talent cultivation and retention
- Adapted universal teaching and research methods
- Promoted platforms of exchange

These values parallel Peking University’s mission to advance the frontiers of knowledge, and achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery of knowledge and understanding.

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