More Credits. More Options.

Academic courses with PKU credits are offered for undergraduates, graduates, and working professionals. A variety of course credits, subjects and durations are available to choose.

Academic courses are 3 credits bearing (equaling 46-50 PKU credit hours) and 2 credits bearing (equaling 30-32 PKU credit hours). Chinese Language Course of 1.5 credit is part of the program and is optional for students who want to get a grasp of mandarin Chinese or polish up the related language skills. Each student can choose courses with no more than 6 credits. The courses are divided into three levels: General Courses; Advanced Courses; and Frontier Courses, and split into three sessions: Session A (1st-12th July); Session B (15th-26th July) and Session A&B (1st-26th July). Each student may only choose courses from within one level and cross sessions, provided the times do not clash.

General Courses: For undergraduates who wish to have an in-depth understanding of China and the World

Advanced Courses: For upper undergraduates and graduate students who aspire to pursue further academic training and achievements

Frontier Courses: For students who aim to deep dive in the latest scientific and technological developments in the fields

Session A: July 1-12  Session B: July 15-26  Session A&B: July 1-26

Current course 2019