More Credits. More Options.

Each student can choose courses up to 6 credits. In this context, applicants can take all online courses, all on-site courses, or choose one online and one on-site course (without time conflicts). On-site courses are only eligible for applicants who are from low-risk areas in China or have finished quarantine procedures after arriving in China from overseas before July 4th, 2022. (PKUSSI 2022 will not provide any visa application documents.)

Academic courses with PKU credits are offered for undergraduates, graduates, and working professionals. A variety of course credits, subjects and durations are available to choose. Please note that different combinations are subject to different tuition fees.

Academic courses are 3 credits bearing (equaling 46-50 PKU credit hours) and 2 credits bearing (equaling 30-32 PKU credit hours). Please consult to your home institution in advance for credit transfer policy.

Session A: July 4-July 15  Session B: July 18-July 29  Session A&B: July 4-July 29

Current course 2022

  • Course Name Instructor Session Credit Field Class Time Syllabus
    Transition and Public Policy in China LI Yongjun Session A&B 2

    Politics, Law &

    Public Policy

    Mon 0900-1200

    Tue  0800-1000

    Thu  0900-1200

    Chinese Traditional Identity and its transformation after 1949 SUN Feiyu Session A&B 2  Arts & Humanities 

    Tue  1400-1600

    Wed 1400-1700

     Thu  1400-1700 

     Chinese Traditional Body Exercise, Diet and Health Preservation WANG Dongmin Session A&B 2 Cross-disciplinary Studies

    Tue 1000-1200

    Wed  0900-1200

         Fri  0900-1200