Education Abroad Program

The Education Abroad Program (EAP) of Peking University has been created to further the internationalization of PKU. By providing opportunities of studies or research at foreign institutions, and by attracting international students from abroad, EAP enables both PKU students and foreign students to broaden their international horizons as they travel, study, research, or intern overseas.


The Office of International Relations has specailly assigned staff members to work on these programs. They develop, implement, and supervise the PKU exchange programs with overseas institutions. They also coordinate with the shools, departments, institutes, research centers, and administrative offices to develop more exchange programs for the students. In addition, they provide consultation to PKU students that are interested in any of the exchange programs.


OIR is about to create a special Division responsible for all such programs very soon. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of PKU into a world-class unviersity by implementing part of its internationalization strategy.


The number of available overseas exchange programs has been increasing for the PKU students. The vision of EAP is to systemize the PKU talent cultivation mechnism by providing opportunities of overseas learning to the students in the early phase of their university education. The EAP offers exchange programs mainly in the following channels:


Institutional Exchange

PKU has signed mutual exchange agreements with more than 260 foreign institutions so far. PKU and 68 partner institutions have been regularly running exchange programs. These programs offer the participants opportunities to study overseas as exchange students for half a year or one year. Extensions are also available to participants in certain programs.
Students at partner institutions also may come to PKU as exchanges students. People of different colors interact on our campus, exchanging ideas and learning different cultures. By hosting them, the PKU campus becomes more internationalized.
Being an important part of the overseas programs of PKU, such programs help the students pursue academic excellence and broaden international horizons. By promoting the internationalization of academic exchanges, they also contribute to PKU’s internationalozation, which helps it develop into a world-class university.


Scholarship Program

Scholarship programs are mainly available to students applying for a graduate, Ph.D. or postdoctoral program overseas. If granted by the provider, a student may go to a foreign country for further studies after graduating from PKU. These programs are very helpful for students, especially for those who have difficulties in affording a graduate school education overseas.
These programs correspond with the PKU internationalization strategy. By helping its students seeking degrees at overseas institutions, they also contribute to PKU’s progress of attracting talented faculty members, as some of them choose PKU to pursue their academic careers after being awarded a degree overseas.


Summer School

Summer schools are popular among many globalized institutions. PKU has cooperative ties with eignteen foreign institutions on summer school programs. A summer school usually lasts for four week. Characterized by diversified international enrollment, participants may experience foreign cultures and interact with people of different colors. Credits earned by students at any of these summer schools can be recgonized back at the home institution.
PKU also has a summer school of its own: the Peking University Summer School International. Initiated in 2009, this five-week program offers seven courses in English and one Chinese Language course. It also schedules for the participants various tours and activities for them to know China better. By inviting students from all over the world to our campus, this program increases PKU’s international impact.


Education Abroad

To help PKU students pursue further studies abroad, the Office of International Relations has also created the electronic community “Education Abroad” for them. We timely provide information on scholarships of the China Scholarship Council and/or foreign governments, institution and/or organizations. We also update information about Education Fairs and consulatation conferences in Beijing by foreign institutions, government agencies and/or embassies.
“Education Abroad” is one of the most popular websites among PKU students. Many of them have found a gateway to “fly across the ocean” for further studies with the help of our services.