My View on the Peking University Girls’ Development Association

2014-07-08 00:35:42

 Editor note: This is the speech delivered by Ms. Yue Dai, the Chairwoman of the Peking University Girls’ Development Association during its official founding ceremony. The speech provides a unique perspective to highlight the society’s empowerment of girls at Peking University.


Respectable teachers and dear friends,

Good evening. Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to attend the founding ceremony of Peking University Girls’ Development Association and the first report of "Weiming Forum on women". I am Yue Dai, a junior student and the chairwoman of Peking University Girls’ Development Association. It is a great honor to stand here on behalf of the Association and all of our sponsors and staff who have devoted their efforts during the preparation process, to share a girl’s dream of growing together with everyone.

Last year, I served as the Director of the Department of Female Students in the PKU Student Council. During my term of office, we held a ball, named “Fei Cheng Wu Rao” party, for freshmen, the mirror mounting on girls’ day and other activities. I hope that this activity was able to bring joy and warmth to the girls of Peking University. The activities of this kind were received with warm responses from students, which made me very proud. However, once the hustle disappeared and the fascinating lights waned, these activities prompted introspection on girls’ inner dreams: Did the party's toast give us a stronger power of self-confidence? Did the polite greetings on the party give us wings to chase our own dream? Did the simple mirror make us see our real desires in our heart? To tell you the truth, during the preparation process of those activities, what I considered more is whether the activities can attract students to participate, and whether they can make a difference to the campus. The long term meaning and social values of the activities were ignored. When I was alone looking back and summarizing my work for the past year, I always had some frustration and regret.

If I could have another chance to do something for the girls in Peking University, I will not only focus on the recreation activities, but also focus more on whether these activities can affect and contribute to girls' future development. Even a little bit of contribution will fill me with content.

In October, Ms. Zhang Lixin, Secretary General of the PKU Student Council, discussed about our consideration and worries of the situation of contemporary women development. I deeply agreed with Ms. Zhang's worries, and hope to offer my help. With Ms. Zhang's guidance, I thought about my working position once again, and reflected on what girls were lacking, what their dreams were, and how an association can help.


I find that girls of Peking University are independent, brave, ambitious, firm and persistent. They are eager to gain achievement and win respect through their own efforts. However, behind the strong appearance, they also have fragile, helpless hearts that need people to take care of. We need someone to give us a pull when we are confused, and we need company on the road of chasing dreams. Due to these facts, an association that leads girls to improve themselves, develop themselves and strive for independence is required.

Over the past few months, with Ms. Zhang’s continuous support, Peking University Girls’ Development Association was finally founded. We will invite famous speakers to discuss girls’ anxiety and tackle the difficulties together. We will utilize the abundant training resources to build a platform for girls’ self-promotion. Furthermore, we will explore overseas resources to broaden girls’ horizons and enrich their experience. The mission of our association is not to help girls make great achievement and gain high position, but to achieve extraordinary things in the most ordinary position.

I hope that with the help of our association, girls can not only forge friendship, but enhance themselves and gain precious opportunities and platforms to show their real beauty. I believe that the association will be the most faithful partner and assistant during girls’ way to their dreams.

Peking University Girls’ Development Association is looking forward to having more positive and confident girls to join!
 Written by: Yue Dai