New Design Surpasses the Coherent Interaction Limit

Peking University, June 10, 2014:Coherent light-matter interaction at the single photon level is a long-standing go

2014-09-28 17:46:24

Breaking the Ice Rules

Peking University, June 5, 2014:Water-solid interactions are of broad importance both in nature and technology The

2014-09-28 17:45:03

Two Scientists Unveil the Radiation Mechanism of Gamma-ray Bursts

Peking University, Apr 9, 2013:Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are most violent explosions in the universe since the Big

2014-09-28 17:34:07

Deprotection Chemistry-mediated Protein Activation in Living Cells

Peking University, Mar 19, 2014:Using synthetic small molecules to control biomolecules’ activity is a long

2014-09-28 17:31:51

A Breakthrough Made in Human Visual Perceptual Learning

On January 20th, Current Biology published an article titled Function and Structure of Human Left Fusiform Cortex

2014-09-09 10:13:51